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USD 1 105 98.05
GBP 1 157.25 158.04
CHF 1 108.69 109.24
AUD 1 93.27 93.74
CAD 1 93.02 93.49
[ As per 2016-08-15 ]
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For Export Clearance

The following documents are required for exports from Nepal:
1. Firm or company registration certificate.
2. PAN/VAT registration certificate
3. Invoice
4 Packing List.
5 Certificate of Origin or Form “A” or both as per requirements
4. Advance Payment Certificate or Letter of credit or COD or any other banking documents that approves from Central bank for the export..
5. Foreign currency decleration ( Nepal Rastra bank)
7. Power of attorney
8. Phytosanitary Certificate for Agricultural products / plants.
9. Certificate from Department of Archaeology for the export of any archaeological value products.
10. CITES Certificate from the Department of National Parks and Wild Life Conservation for the export of bones and horn products.
11. Certificate from Handicraft Association for Handicraft products
12. Clearance certificate of Department of Drung Management for medicines.
13. Clearance certificate of Department of Mines and Geology for mineral products.

Other than above documents following additional documents are required for export to third country by Sea
1. Transport manifesto, one copy per truck
2. Custom transit declarations
3 Other documents as per requirements of products