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Our Mission

GOALS: As against the ongoing case briefed above, the Atlanta Traders and Exporters was incorporated in 1996 with the following goals: To offer the most efficient services for clearing and forwarding the Nepal-made products from Nepal to any country in the rest of the world To explore the foreign markets for products exportable from Nepal To carry out all import procedures for importing all types of goods not legally banned for importing; import-related area has been a minor area with no activities carried out thus far. CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS: The company over its relatively short period since inception has made a headway to achieving its goals. The focus of the business has been almost entirely on export side. The annual mean volume of turnover has turned out to be Rs.75 lakhs. The aggregate turnover for the last business year was entirely composed of the export-related segment of the companyís business. Export of a range of Nepal-made products destined for foreign markets, particularly France, U.K., Germany, Denmark, Italy and U.S.A. has maintained a surpassing trend. Exports have been made out both by the company itself and on behalf of other parties; however imports will be made solely on behalf of other parties. The breakdown of the composition of the exported commodities reveals that exports of handmade paper products and pashminas (silk fabrics) have taken on a growing trend to catch up with traditional handicrafts, garments, and woolen carpets. QUICKWAY CARGO (P) LTD: A RECENT ADDITION Quickway Cargo (P) Ltd. has been recently incorporated as the exclusive forwarding entity. With this company in operation, there is no more any need for employing the services of a separate forwarding agent to fill out the orders received from overseas. As both Atlanta Traders and Exporters and Quickway Cargo (P) Ltd. are supplemental to carrying out the pre-mentioned goals, both the companies share same resources and the same location. RESOURCES EMPLOYED Resources mobilized to achieve the companyís goals are categorized into two basic groups: Capital Resource: As an upstart company the authorized capital employed totaled Rs.Three Lakhs for Atlanta Traders Exporters and Rs.Ten Lakh for Quickway Cargo (P) Ltd. The authorized capital is subject to extension when needed. The aggregate capital put into the company has reached Rs. Four Lakhs. No debt is leveraged to the financial structure. Human Resource: The company has, as its organizational layout, OPERATIONS and ACCOUNTING sections headed by the Managing Director as the immediate superior. The Managing Director is the final superior at the top of the hierarchy. Operations Section includes three full-time employees and Accounting Section consists of one full-time employee. Arrangement of part-timers is made to handle the extra volume of business as necessitated at times. Our people, processes, and technology improve the world's transportation and supply chains, delivering exceptional value to our customers and suppliers.